Aaron Geddes CA

Aaron Geddes CA

Insights Specialist  

After completing a degree in Accountancy, Aaron undertook a training contract with a Big-Four firm in Belfast becoming a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ireland. His initial experiences were focused on external assurance engagements, however, he transitioned into providing data and information consulting.   

Upon completion of his training contract Aaron moved into Industry, taking up a role as a commercial finance manager. His main responsibilities in this role were Budgeting, Forecasting and Financial Analysis. Aaron utilised his knowledge of statistics to improve the quality of financial analysis within the business, providing insights into how they should manage their range of products as well as giving practical steps to improve operations and reduce waste. Aaron also introduced the business to Power BI and developed a suite of dashboards to be used across multiple business functions.   

Whilst working in this role Aaron also completed an MSc in Data Science covering Big Data, Data Warehousing, Data Mining and Machine Learning. Since completing this course Aaron has also been engaged to provide a short University course on Python Coding for Business Analytics.


4 years at PwC covering external audit and data consulting. 2 years as a commercial finance manager in the wholesale industry. 


Power BI, Data Warehousing, Excel Modelling, Financial Forecasting, Financial Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Python Coding, Data Mining and Machine Learning.

IT / Systems

Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI, Spyder, Jupyter Notebooks and Microsoft Office

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